The surroundings

Etivey is situated on the D956, between Montbard and Noyers-sur-Serein. The area is mainly agricultural and forest land. The forests and fields are diverse, many golden wheat fields interspersed with green crops, sunflower fields and rapeseed fields.
Walking here is lovely and especially free. You can walk straight from the village into the forest. Nowhere are fences, you can wander endlessly along the beautiful fields. We regularly see deer jumping through the fields.

In the surrounding villages you will find an excellent range of bakeries, specialty shops supermarkets, restaurants and not to forget the delicious local markets. On the brocantes and vide-greniers (village sale) you can stroll around.

The beautiful vineyards around Chablis and the village itself are definitely worth a visit. The enchanting village of Noyers-sur-Serein, on the list of 50 most beautiful villages in France, is highly recommended.

The experienced cyclist will get away very well in the sloping landscape. More leisurely cycling is possible along the beautiful Canal de Bourgogne which stretches from Auxerre in 240 beautiful kilometres through the Yonne and Cote d’Or in the direction of Dijon. Ancy-le-Franc is the nearest town through which the Canal de Bourgogne flows and also has a beautiful castle to visit.

Anyway, it’s just a few… We haven’t mentioned the Côte d’Or, where, according to the insiders, the most beautiful wines in the world come from, the Champagne region, Vezelay, a starting point of the Camino de Santiago, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, known from the film Chocolat… We’ll tell you about it.

Chablis is 30 kilometres away (beautiful route!)
Noyer-sur-Serein at 13 kilometers
Ancy-le-Franc at 14 kilometers
For the various regional markets we have a handy list.